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Unique Items for the Home

Anyone who has searched for unique items for their home have found that it is challenge. Large department stores and home improvement stores carry items that will appeal to mainstream and modern tastes. After a while, even the new collections all seem to look very much the same. Decor, bedding, and furniture in retail stores may have interesting patterns, bright colors, and hardwood, but they tend to lack imagination and excitement. Small specialty boutiques may have creative and one-of-a-kind things, but the vast majority of people do not have access to specialty stores, depending on their location. Pricing may be an issue as well. The search for hand crafted items with old world charm and time honored techniques is best done online.

designer cushions Quilt Covers For Your Bedroom, for example, are available online from boutique sites at affordable pricing. Some online retailers travel the world in search of artisans who still make prints using old-fashioned techniques, such as block prints with wood carved stamps, or throws woven by hand. One site has a “sleep” section that includes doona covers, quilt covers australia, pillowcases, blankets for all seasons, and baby blankets as well.

An exquisite example can be found in the new “Silpi” collection. It is a Cosi Block Print quilt cover that was designed by the company as a block print with a twist. One side has a mini cross design in black, with poppy red and mint crosses mixed in. The other side is larger cross designs dotted sparingly across a white background. The reversible feature means the decor can be altered in an instant, and matching available pillowcases can complete the look.

A category called “Live” includes bohemian furniture that blends eclectic styles with modern design for truly creative results. One such piece is a wood grinder table with detailed carving and a distressed turquoise finish. This type of table was originally used to grind flour in India. It can be used as a side table or a coffee table inside the home or outside on the deck or patio. Adding cushions to the middle of the table can easily convert it into an ottoman if desired. Additional furniture pieces available include woven benches, vintage wardrobes, cupboards, bed frames, and room dividers. Other items in the section are room and wall decor, rugs, art, and sculptures. New collections are being added all the time, and certain items are on sale periodically. Unique items for the home are as close as your computer.